De Staat – Make Way For The Passenger

Torre Florim & Roos Rebergen – Dansen Met Jou

De Tweede Speeldoos in ‘Fragmenten’

Torre Florim & Roos Rebergen – Discotheek

Torre Florim & Roos Rebergen – Geen Mens Helpt Mij De Winter Door (live)

De Staat – Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder cover)

Torre Florim & Ian Clement – The Ballad Of Benny Balance (Music Video)

Edited by me.

Torre Florim – Firestarter (music video)

De Staat – Psycho Disco, Sleep Tight and Wait For Evolution (Live in Gebouw T)

Recorded live on 12 May 2012, in Gebouw T, Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands.

Live mix by Cees Snellink
In the studio of Gebouw-T.

Torre Florim: Vocals/guitar
Jop van Summeren: Bass guitar/vocals
Vedran Mircetic: Guitar
Rocco Bell Hueting: Guitars/synthesizers/percussion
Tim van Delft: Drums

Torre Florim & Ian Clement – The Ballad Of Benny Balance

I made a couple of songs with Ian Clement (singer/guitarist of Wallace Vanborn) 2 weeks ago. This is one of them.
Keep an eye on Ian, he’ll be releasing a solo record:
“Apart from exorcising his demons as frontman of Wallace Vanborn, Ian Clement has recently outed himself as a willful singer songwriter on his own. Bringing a deep, intimate voice to the set, with both dark and bright songs, Clement conjures an original world, packed with a lot of imagination. The release of his debut record is scheduled for early 2013.”

The Ballad Of Benny Balance
Ian Clement on vocals, guitar(s), organ, percussion.
Torre Florim on vocals, drums, bass, guitar, percussion.

Produced and mixed by Torre Florim

De Staat – Sweatshop (KOKOS remix featuring Dé Palmeira)

A pretty long time ago Marcel van As (Coparck / Spinvis) and I were talking, and he told me he wanted to try something with the Sweatshop tracks. I said “sure”. Do the thing you do.
Some time later he sent me this.
What the hell. A Bossa Nova remix? I thought it was hilarious and utterly cool at the same time. Most remixes end up as half ass dance stuff, but this is the other way around.

Man, I’m having cocktails in the sun right now. So should you, while enjoying the brazilian guitars and flutes on this track. A KOKOS remix.

Dé Palmeira; beats/bass/nylon guitar
Johan Hendrikse (Charlie Dee / State of Monc) ; piano/wurlitzer/organ/sounds
Marcel van As (Coparck / Spinvis); beats/programming/sounds
Produced by Marcel van As, Mixed by Dé Palmeira in sunny Rio de Janeiro
Contains original material from “Sweatshop and “Ah, I see” from De Staat (Machinery)

Ghostnotes – Daddy’s Got A Gun

This was made on a summer night, somewhere in 2010. One of those songs that just ‘happened’.
While I was trying out some new gear in the studio, Jaap, Lea and Jop dropped in. I had a beat, Jaap grabbed the bass, the devil posessed Lea and next thing I know we had a song.
Recorded in our old dusty farm.

Vocals & Lyrics: Lea
Second Vocals: Jop van Summeren (De Staat)
Bass, Guitar: Jaap van den Berg (Black Bottle Riot)
Drums, Guitar: Torre Florim (De Staat)
Produced & Mixed by Torre Florim

Torre Florim – She’s With Me

Written and recorded at 3:47 AM, on July 31, 2010.

De Staat – Take A Walk, Get Some Air

This is a pimped-up De Staat demo track, that was hanging around on my hard drive for too long. This song doesn’t the deserve the digital dust it was collecting, so I did some mixing and finished it.
Recorded near the end of 2009, the track is based on one guitar riff, and eight words: “Take A Walk, Get Some Air. All right.
And yes, that’s Rocco on lead vocals.

Blaudzun & De Staat – Sunday Punch (live)

We (De Staat) did a special show called ‘The Psycho Discotheque’ in Luxor-Live Arnhem. It was a special mix of special guests with special sounds. Oh, so special. Next to Bombay Show Pig, Janne Schra, Sweatshop Kelly and Timo van Veen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard), Blaudzun was one of those guests, and his song ‘Sunday Punch’ (of his latest album Heavy Flowers) worked out well, I think.

So it’s Blaudzun, with De Staat as his background band.

De Staat – Day ‘n’ Nite (Kid Cudi Cover)

We made this track somewhere in 2009 I think, when the original song was at no.1 throughout the world. We sometimes like to turn shitty songs into cool ones, and this is another example of that, I think.
Singing with me on the track is Kelly, whom you also might recognize from De Staat’s Sweatshop.

My studio in 2010

This is the place where most of De Staat’s ‘Machinery’ was written (and partly recorded).
We used to live with most of the boys of De Staat in this farmhouse. It was located in the northern part of Nijmegen (Lent). The building is demolished now, unfortunately.

Torre Florim & Timo van Veen – Butterfinger

Timo van Veen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard) and I made this track for linedancing.

We also played it live in Luxor-Live in a special show. That was fun.
I will upload the live version too, soon.