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De Staat – Sweatshop (KOKOS remix featuring Dé Palmeira)

A pretty long time ago Marcel van As (Coparck / Spinvis) and I were talking, and he told me he wanted to try something with the Sweatshop tracks. I said “sure”. Do the thing you do.
Some time later he sent me this.
What the hell. A Bossa Nova remix? I thought it was hilarious and utterly cool at the same time. Most remixes end up as half ass dance stuff, but this is the other way around.

Man, I’m having cocktails in the sun right now. So should you, while enjoying the brazilian guitars and flutes on this track. A KOKOS remix.

Dé Palmeira; beats/bass/nylon guitar
Johan Hendrikse (Charlie Dee / State of Monc) ; piano/wurlitzer/organ/sounds
Marcel van As (Coparck / Spinvis); beats/programming/sounds
Produced by Marcel van As, Mixed by Dé Palmeira in sunny Rio de Janeiro
Contains original material from “Sweatshop and “Ah, I see” from De Staat (Machinery)