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De Staat – Psycho Disco, Sleep Tight and Wait For Evolution (Live in Gebouw T)

Recorded live on 12 May 2012, in Gebouw T, Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands.

Live mix by Cees Snellink
In the studio of Gebouw-T.

Torre Florim: Vocals/guitar
Jop van Summeren: Bass guitar/vocals
Vedran Mircetic: Guitar
Rocco Bell Hueting: Guitars/synthesizers/percussion
Tim van Delft: Drums

Blaudzun & De Staat – Sunday Punch (live)

We (De Staat) did a special show called ‘The Psycho Discotheque’ in Luxor-Live Arnhem. It was a special mix of special guests with special sounds. Oh, so special. Next to Bombay Show Pig, Janne Schra, Sweatshop Kelly and Timo van Veen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard), Blaudzun was one of those guests, and his song ‘Sunday Punch’ (of his latest album Heavy Flowers) worked out well, I think.

So it’s Blaudzun, with De Staat as his background band.